Office Insurance

UK & Ireland Insurance Services (Online) Limited can help you find the right office insurance for your needs.


You can compare office insurance via a simple online form once completed you will then be able to compare office insurance quotes and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Office Insurance

Having the right insurance cover for your office is important. At UK & Ireland Insurance Services (Online) Limited we understand that every business is different, so we offer office insurance where you can tailor your policy to your individual company requirements.

Some of the areas of cover you may wish to consider are:

Buildings and contents insurance

Office policies all have buildings cover for their premises, this covers for damage to your office building(s) caused by events such as fire, lighting, flooding and earthquakes.

NB: You should insure your office building(s) for the full cost of rebuilding them which is normally very different from the market value.


Contents insurance covers for theft or damage of stock and business equipment. In general terms this can cover anything that isn’t permanently fixed down. For example, items such as desks, computers & cabinets would be classed as contents. Whereas fixed items such as sinks, windows and light fittings would be classed as part of the buildings.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance will cover loss, damage or injury to a third party at your office. For example, if a customer was to fall and injury themselves whilst visiting your office your public liability insurance cover would pay out if a claim was brought against your business.


As a business/owner you have a duty to make sure your office is as risk free as possible but accidents do unfortunately happen so protect you and your business by adding public liability insurance to your office insurance package.

Employers liability insurance

If you employ people you are legally required to have employers liability insurance, which must be up to a minimum of £5 million.

NB: You should cover all staff including contract, casual, season staff, student or other work placements.


What does employer’s liability insurance cover?

It covers the cost of a legal defence and any compensation if an employee sues you for damages as a result of them suffering an injury at work, or becomes ill as a result of the work they do for you and it is deemed your fault

Professional indemnity insurance

If you provide professional advice or a service to clients. You should consider adding professional indemnity insurance to your office insurance or taking out a separate policy for this.


Although you may be a conscientious professional and take pride in the quality of your work. But what happens if a customer doesn’t feel the same and alleges you have made a mistake and as a result it has cost them money?


Well this is where professional indemnity insurance protects you as tit covers the cost of compensation to customers if your professional advice has caused them to lose money.


NB: Professionals such as solicitors, accountants, financial advisers, architects and surveyors may be required to have this insurance by their industry regulator.

Business interruption insurance

If your property becomes ruined your business interruption protection will cover you to pay rent, overheads, wages and other expenses to keep your business alive. This cover can also include protection if an essential machine breaks down

Legal expenses insurance

Office-based businesses can get caught up in a range of legal tussles whether that is pursuing legal action or defending your business against a legal action where it isn’t covered by your liability insurance. For example, an employment dispute that results in an employment tribunal. The legal expenses insurance would cover solicitors, barristers, accountants and expert witnesses’ fees and expenses as well as the court costs and the opponent’s costs if you are ordered to pay them in a civil court.

Goods in transit insurance

This insures goods that are lost, stolen or damaged while they are being moved in your vehicle or by a carrier. So, if you take sample out on the road to visit clients then you may wish to consider this option.

By working with a panel of office and commercial property insurance providers we could provide you with a policy and help save you money on your insurance. Simply fill out the online form to compare office insurance quotes, then choose the one best to suited you.

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