Tutors & Teachers insurance

Our private teachers and tutors insurance offers specialist cover for a wide range of education professions, including:

  • IT Consultant
  • Leaving Cert Tutors
  • Junior Cert Tutors
  • Music teachers
  • Private Tutors

Teaching students carries a whole host of risks. An allegation of poor tutoring, a student injuring themselves whilst visiting your workplace or the theft of a laptop containing course material could have a serious knock-on effect for your business.

What cover can you offer?

Our private teachers and tutors insurance can cover you for:

  • ☙ Public Liability: Cover for injury or damage to third parties such as students, visitors and guests to your home / office.
           This would cover you / your business against claims should an accident occur to one of them.
           Click Here for more info on Public Liability
  • ☙ Employers Liability: Covers your business against claims arising from injury or illness suffered by employees arising from their 
           Click Here for more info on Employers Liability
  • ☙ Professional Indemnity: Covers the cost of defending you/your business against allegations of professional negligence
           (i.e. incorrect advice) and the cost of damages if your defense is unsuccessful.

Tutor/teacher Liability Insurance Quotes

Why do I need Insurance for being a private teacher / tutor?

By having an insurance policy in place you can protect you / your business from a wide range of incidents for example:

  • Errors in your selection of curricula / coursework
  • Failure to provide adequate tuition services
  • Injury or damage to pupils and their property whilst they are taught on your premises
  • Damage to property or injury to others as a result of you teaching in their home

Our teachers & tutors insurance can be tailored to cover your individual business needs for these risks and many more, giving you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you are covered.

Tutor/teacher Liability Insurance Quotes

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