Carriers' / Couriers' Liability Insurance

Aimed at the self employed or small firm carrying goods and merchandise for hire or reward.

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Policy benefits

The policy covers the insured's liability for loss or damage to goods carried for hire and reward, where they have:

  1. accepted full and unrestricted responsibility for loss or damage to the goods or
  2. a liability under the CMR Convention

In both cases, up to the limit of liability selected.


The CMR Convention (full title Convention on the Contract for the International Convention? Carriage of Goods by Road) is a United Nations convention relating to various legal issues concerning transportation of cargo by road. Amongst other things it stipulates the liability of the carrier for loss or damage of goods in the carrier's custody during transit and the extent of the financial compensation due in the event of a claim. It has been ratified by the majority of European states. The full terms of the CMR convention can be viewed at:


Cover Levels


Cover Premium
€10,000 €365
€20,000 €485
€30,000 €610


Optional extensions


The policy provides three cover extension options for a nominal additional premium.

The first two are relevant to all clients for whom the product is designed and the last for those who undertake journeys involving sea crossings:

  1. Transhipment costs - in the event of the carrying vehicle being involved in an accident, this extension will pay any additional costs incurred in transferring the goods to another vehicle, or the cost of clearing up debris following an accident up to a limit of €10,000
  2. Sheets ropes and other equipment - covers damage to sheets, ropes, pallets, chains, toggles, and soft materials (dunnage) used for protecting the cargo, excluding wear and tear, up to a limit of €1,000.
  3. General Average and Salvage Charges - a General Average loss arises from the ancient maritime convention, codified under the York-Antwerp Rules, where an extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure which is (a) voluntarily and reasonably made or incurred, (b) in time of imminent peril, and (c) for the purpose of preserving the property imperilled during the course of a sea voyage. In practical terms, this means that if the master of a ship jettisons a cargo or incurs any other extraordinary additional cost to save the vessel, then all other shippers who have cargo on that ship must bear the loss proportionately. To ensure a General Average contribution is made by all of the shippers, the vessel owners are permitted to detain these undamaged cargos (and the vehicles carrying them) until the liability is discharged. The maximum General Average liability under the policy is the overall policy limit selected by the insured.
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