Marathon Event Organisers

In the modern day the desire to find new sporting events to define perfection in a physical form reaches its peak. A marathon is a physically challenging and uniquely enduring sporting event which has grown very popular which all age groups. A huge 36,700 were enticed into the London Marathon in 2013 proving a great interest for the grueling 26.2 mile run. Completing, organizing and making such a task happen is rewarding, satisfying yet also taking big risks financially and medically both as an event organizer a participant or even a sponsor. Did you ever consider insuring yourself against the possibilities of event cancellation, disruption or national mourning?

Unless told otherwise we automatically include Loss Caused by National or Court Mourning in the country where the event is being held. This includes the death or funerals of people of national importance which coincides with date of the event.

Your event could be abandoned, postponed or even relocated due to an unavoidable circumstance which is why it is vital to insure yourself against every possible calamity which may arise.

British weather is highly unpredictable so it isn’t the most unlikely possibility that strong winds, torrential rains or blizzards would harm the chances of a Marathon taking place. Other unforeseeable natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods may be unlucky enough to occur on the day of your event which is why it is imperative to gain cover before such disasters strike and cause catastrophic financial losses to yourself and possible other business partners.

We can offer you cover for the following financial losses:

  • Lost Expenditure
  • Cost of Advertising
  • Loss of Profit
  • Return of Charges
  • Return of Sponsorship
  • Cost of Minimizing Disruption
  • Future Event Protection

Every event organizer faces the risk of participants’ complaints and threats of wanting their money back, so wouldn’t it be much simpler to have yourself insured against such a hazard and have that weight lifted of your mind? Even the danger of sponsors demanding refunds, yes we can also insure you for that too.

  In addition to this the insurance can also provide extra cover for:

  • Agreed Additional Cost of Avoiding Disruption
  • Cost of advertising those who need to know
  • Other Additional Expenses agreed with Us
  • Cost of Calculating Claim
  • Failure to Vacate Penalties
  • Other Obligations
  • Future Event Protection

Furthermore we also include Terrorism Cover, free of charge unless told otherwise.
Dependent on where you are based and where event is being held, cover will still be free.

The Boston Marathon bomb incident has sparked concerns of further terrorism attacks on public sporting events so insuring yourself and your event is surely a necessity. This is why we feel it is of great importance to have this feature in our cover.

Based and event held in England, Scotland or Wales?
- free of charge for events with total revenue or expenditure sum insured up to £500,000
- Must occur within England, Scotland or Wales at any time during period of insurance
- Cover includes terrorism involving chemical, nuclear, biological weapons, provided act is certified as Terrorist Act by HM Treasury.
- Cyber terrorism is excluded.

You must insure your general business property (buildings, business equipment and machinery, contents and stock) against terrorism damage with an insurer which is a member of Pool Re. Insuring any other events taking place in England, Scotland or Wales must also cover terrorism. If conditions are not met then this extension will not apply. A list of companies that are members or Pool Re can be viewed at

Based in England, Scotland or Wales with event not in country given previously?
- In event of Terrorist Attack occurring at the Venue during any time in period of Insurance cover is included free of charge up to £500,000 for countries inside the EU, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland, Iceland and also within Northern Ireland.
- Within 30 days of opening event and within 25 miles of event you are also covered for Terrorist Attack.
- Although cover does not include the use of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

Based outside of England, Scotland or Wales?
- Cover is still free of charge up to £500,000 in respect of Terrorist attack at the Venue at anytime during period of time insured for events within UK, including Channel Islands and also any other EU country, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco and Norway.
- Within 30 days of opening event and within 25 miles of event you are also covered for Terrorist Attack.
- Although again cover does not include the use of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

Events above £500,000 require a separate premium for Terrorist cover


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